Otomatik No


No I don’t want. Thank you!

I say „no“ very often.
Can do nothing about it.
It is otomatik system you know?
Like computer program in my head.
Everybody say yes. I look sceptical.
Everybody say no. I also lthink about it.

Not because i don’t wanna be like everybody.
I want to be like them. True! Believe me!
But i am not.
That is a problem for me and for them.

I don’t accept things so easily you know?
Standard mainstream things i don’t accept so easily.
Stay hungry better.

If mainstream majority happy happy sunshine, i think about it critical.
I don’t say: „many people like this! So I like it too“.
I say: „a lot of people like this – be careful!“

Often i am right in my decision.
Mainstream things no good for health, for society, for humanity.
And i say: „ah good i don’t go that way“!

I don’t work for assholes either.
I also don’t work together with assholes.
I work free. I live free.
Better less money, but clean heart and soul, clear mind you know?

Sometimes i think, it would be nice, if i could be an easy yes-sayer.
Live be easy then! Don’t think, don’t ask, just smile and say yes!
But i can’t. It’s not possible.
Don’t say yes without thinking first, you know?
Think a lot and see. Then say yes maybe!
But never say: „oh good money, good fortune. Shut up, smile and go“. No! Never!

It’s otomatik, you know!
I get angry when people easily say yes to everything!
They like slaves.
I don’t like people who have the opportunity to decide freely but prefer to slave around for money.
I don’t like it!

I like people, who use their mind, heart and soul, you know?

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