grill und bein

when will we start?

restart emotions right behind your nose
without loss of your heart
we will shurely never miss our end
who knows when we will start?

shake your friends
restart your existence
let the ratrace begin
with a bionic circumstance

my virtual mentality
gives me a license to see
and to listen

your eyelid slides towards the ground
creating noise and rubble
all around
you’re still divin’ within my horizon


You’re shaddering my lips, bebek
Look how they dance!

You’re shaddering my lips, bebek
Look how they dance!


i know shadows
sometimes they rule over grand nations
and sink and suffer in their own strength of hasitation
salvation is a good value

so just believe in my bicycle

it will save your lovelife
it will groove you
whithout any costs for your think tank account

you think too much

I don’t like that

do something you lazy surfacecontrolling unit!

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